Woodburning and Multi-Fuel Stoves

Our range of woodburning and multi-fuel stoves cover a wide spectrum of heat outputs and sizes to suit virtually any hearth environment. Most of our woodburning stoves feature clean burn, tertiary or Afterburn™, a highly developed secondary air control system that improves efficiency and allows you to control the burn rate, creating stunning flame patterns.

All stoves have to be rated for efficiency and have to be CE approved and Hetas approved to fit.

Many models have boiler options which will provide either domestic hot water or full central heating.

Cast or Steel

Originally cast was the choice for most premium wood stoves because it diffuses warmth giving a longer heat period. However, the use of heavy gauge steel for the body, and the use of cast for doors will combine to give the best advantage from both materials.

Woodburning and Solid Fuel

All multi-fuel stoves can burn either logs, smokeless fuels and peat/turf briquettes. The multi-fuel stove will come with a grate and ash pan and on most models will have a riddleer to remove the burnt coal.

Woodburning stoves should use seasoned wood only.

Wood is much better enviromentally due to the release of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. It is also a renewable source. Logs should be seasoned for 2 years or achieve a moisture level below 20 percent. We would recommend kiln dried logs which can be purchased from us direct.

The design of the woodburner, from contemporary to traditional, is really a matter of choice and with the ever increasing option of cylindrical, square, oblong and insert stoves currently on offer, the you will be able to find a woodburning stove to suit your taste.

Stûv stoves have the 30 range not only as free standing but also as an inset. This wood stove, seen on our home page, has 3 different fires in one and is our most innovative appliance. The Stûv 21 insert range can be used as an open fire or the glass will come down for use as a woodburner.

Westfire have brought out the Westfire 23 last year which looks stunning either with or without the optional plinth. simplistic yet timeless with contemporary technology.

Whatever type of wood burner you are after we can meet your needs. As approved suppliers for the wood stoves that we feature you are guaranteed expert advice, installation and support once the stove is in place. We have been in the woodburning stove business for nearly 30 years and can talk you through the best solution for your home or office.